Bridgerton, Season three, Part one

NZ release: 16 May 2024

Sex scenes Rated on: 16 May 2024

Bridgerton season 3_poster

What’s it about?

The period drama Bridgerton returns for a third season, this time shining the spotlight on Penelope Featherington. Colin Bridgerton isn’t interested in courting Penelope, and she has fallen out with her friend Eloise because of her secret - will she find love or succumb to everyone's expectation of her becoming a spinster?

The facts

  • Produced by Shonda Rhimes (Bridgerton season one and two, Grey’s Anatomy)
  • English language
  • Season three, released in two parts 16 May 2024 and 13 June 2024.
  • Runtime: first four episodes are ~58 minutes each
  • This season of Bridgerton is based on the book Romancing Mister Bridgerton the fourth book in the Bridgerton book series by Julia Quinn.

Why did it get this rating?

The series was self-rated by Netflix. You can find out more about self-rating by streaming providers here.

Sex scenes and nudity

As seen in the previous seasons, season three shows frank and drawn out sex-scenes. These include partial nudity such as breasts and bottoms. Scenes with heavily implied sexual intercourse and oral sex include heavy breathing, suggestive noises and movements, and passionate kissing.

A character engages in a threesome with two high-class prostitutes. The scene focuses on the characters passionately kissing, and the two female characters breasts are visible.

Further information

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