It's important for us to stay informed about academic and public opinion on censorship and media, which is why we regularly conduct research into areas relevant to our work.

December 2022

What We're Watching: Part 2

This report includes findings from research conducted in early 2022 which were not included in our initial What We're Watching report. It includes further details about New Zealanders' views on age ratings, the classification system, and the role of the Classification Office.

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June 2022

What We're Watching

Harmful content both online and offline is reaching New Zealanders and causing real concern, particularly for children and young people. This research asked people from around the country about what they're watching and what concerns they had about it.

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June 2021

The Edge of the Infodemic

New Zealanders are worried about the growing spread of misinformation and the harm it is causing our communities. No one is immune from misinformation: this nationally representative survey of more than 2,000 people aged 16 years and over found that just about everyone is affected in some way.

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April 2020

Growing Up with Porn

From more than 50 interviews with a diverse group of young New Zealanders aged 14-17, we found that rangatahi were not getting guidance from trusted adults in their lives when it comes to tackling tough subjects like porn, sex, relationships and consent.

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