Take a listen to the Classification Office podcast, where we we discuss the latest trends in classification.


Chatting with Paul Spoonley

Last year post-Aotearoa's first lockdown we chatted to Professor Paul Spoonley, Research Director for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Massey University. We spoke about QAnon, hate speech and misinformation. Listen in to hear his fantastic expertise on these challenging topics.
Episode 8

Youth Week 2021 Podcast

During Youth Week earlier this year we invited our friends at Ara Taiohi in for a podcast chat. We talked about how rangatahi can feel isolated the potential for lockdown to amplify this feeling. How can we best support our young people through lockdown and as we come out? Check out the podcast for information about working with, celebrating, supporting and understanding rangatahi.

Episode 7

Social media with Sanjana Hattotuwa

We spoke to Sanjana Hattotuwa, a PhD researcher at the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Otago University, about the role of social media platforms both in terms of promoting incendiary content and how some have gone on to protect and strengthen democracy.

Episode 6

Online Age Verification with Robin from Yoti

The office talked with Yoti, an organisation working in the online age verification world. They have created an app that gives you a safe and convenient way to prove your identity and credentials, online and in person.

Episode 5

Hate Speech with Dr Kevin Veale

We asked Dr Kevin Veale from Massey University to come in and talk to us about hate speech and online harassment. At the Classification Office we often look at and classify social media content. The kind of content that comes through our door tends to be violence, sexual exploitation, hate speech, dangerous speech or a combination of all of these elements. Social media platforms make it easy to post hateful content without thinking about the consequences. Remember if you see something you know is out of line report it. If you are experiencing online harassment or abuse check out the below links for support.