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26 January 2023

Offensive language & nudity

The career of Lydia Tár, one of the greatest living composer-conductors and the first female director of a major German orchestra, spirals downward after misconduct allegations are made.

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19 January 2023

Sex scenes, offensive language, nudity

Fleishman is in Trouble follows Toby Fleishman, a 41-year-old newly divorced doctor living in New York.

Toby is exploring modern dating apps and beginning to enjoy the sexual freedoms he never experienced in his youth when his ex-wife, Rachel, unexpectedly drops off their two kids and then disappears from their lives without an explanation.

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16 January 2023

The Last of Us

Episode 1: When You’re Lost in the Darkness

Violence, language, sex scenes and content that may offend

Joel, Tess and Ellie escape an oppressive quarantine zone and set out on a journey across the US. They face the brutal and heartbreaking reality of what the outside world has become 20 years after a fungal infection plagues civilisation, turning people into the undead

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04 January 2023

Alaska Daily

Episode 1: Pilot

Adult themes

Needing a fresh start, an investigative journalist leaves her high-profile New York life and moves to Anchorage. Everything begins to change after she starts looking into the missing and murdered indigenous women in Alaska.

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01 January 2023


Season 1, Yellow

Graphic violence and offensive language

Leo Pap has spent years planning a high-risk heist. The eight episodes view the heist from various time points before, during, and after the gang attempt to steal $7 billion. How you put the episode pieces together is intended to alter your perceptions of the gang members and their behaviour. We watched the ‘Yellow’ episode for this Quick Take.

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26 December 2022

Offensive language, nudity and content that may disturb

A friendship abruptly ends after Colm starts ignoring his lifelong pal and drinking buddy, Pádraic, without really explaining why. Heartbroken and confused, Pádraic desperately tries to resolve the breakdown of their relationship as things take a dramatic turn for them both.

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25 December 2022

Bullying, coarse language

Fuelled by her brilliant imagination, Matilda takes on the adults in her life in attempt to change her story.

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25 December 2022

Graphic violence, horror

An origin story of The Witcher set thousands of years before the adventures of Geralt began, this limited series follow seven different elves and the creation of the first Witcher.

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24 December 2022

A lost boy sets out to find a home and finds something much more in the process. There are heartfelt and profound conversations about the meaning of life, universal truths and friendship with some rather unlikely characters. It is an animated short film based on the 2019 novel by Chris Mackesy.

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20 December 2022

Suicide themes, sexual material, drug use and offensive language

The Whale is a drama film that follows Charlie, a morbidly obese and reclusive English tutor. Liz, Charlie's carer and only friend, becomes gravely concerned for his health when he is sent into congestive heart failure. Refusing to go to hospital, Charlie turns his attention to Ellie, his estranged and troubled teenage daughter.

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16 December 2022

Offensive language and sex scenes

Another game show about finding love… but this time hosted by virtual assistant, Lana. This reality series is about a group of young adults who traditionally prefer meaningless flings, regardless of who they hurt in the process. Lana is whipping them into shape and seeing who can form the best and most honest connection out of the hopeless and scandalous group.

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16 December 2022

Sex scenes, violence, drug use, offensive language and suicide

The film is set during transformative periods for the American film industry when silent movies became talkies and when the censorship of films came into effect - changing a once liberal industry. It follows the careers of Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie), and Manny Tores (Diego Calva) during these turbulent times.

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