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23 May 2023

Bloody violence

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun is a fast-paced and fun, but quite violent, first-person shooter with arena-style combat and retro visuals. Play as a heavily-armoured Space Marine slaying heretics in the name of the Emperor.

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22 May 2023

Prehistoric Planet

Season 2: Episode 1 & 2


A nature documentary-style look at dinosaur life narrated by celebrated naturist Sir David Attenborough. Each episode explores a specific prehistoric environment using realistic digital effects. Dinosaur experts then use fossil evidence to talk about various aspects of dinosaur life seen in the show.

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12 May 2023

Offensive Language

Delve into the journey of Michael J. Fox as he shares both his personal and professional successes and challenges, and how a sudden untreatable illness changed his life forever.

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05 May 2023

Drug Use and offensive language

Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) returns to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and performs songs from his album, Mainstream Sellout. It includes behind-the-scenes footage, fan interviews, and excerpts of live performances from their concert tours across the United States and Europe.

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04 May 2023

Violence and offensive language

Still coming to terms with the loss of Gamora, the Guardians of the Galaxy are faced with the death of another member. They will do everything to save them.

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04 May 2023

Sex scenes

The six-episode limited series tells the fictitious story of Queen Charlotte and her marriage to King George III of England. The episodes explore their marriage, mental illness, race, women’s empowerment, and royal life.

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02 May 2023


Season 1

Offensive language, violence, cruelty, sexual violence, sex scenes

Set in the early 20th century American West, 1923 follows the Dutton ranching family as they deal with drought, cattle thieves, relationships, and those plotting to take their land. The series also follows a young Native American woman as she escapes the cruelty of forced Westernisation, and the whirlwind love story of the Duttons’ game hunting son in Africa.

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27 April 2023

Sweet Tooth

Season 2


Set in a post-apocalyptic world after a virus causes the collapse of society, Gus, a young boy who is part deer and part human, has been captured by the evil ‘Last Men’. He and other hybrid children who have been imprisoned, work together to reunite with Aimee and Jepp. Meanwhile, the evil General Abbot, leader of the Last Men, gathers recruits.

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26 April 2023

Violence and content that may disturb

Rourke is struggling to come to terms with his daughter being kidnapped and never found. When he uncovers a government conspiracy to train people with mind control powers, he realises they might have something to do with his daughter’s disappearance.

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21 April 2023

Dead Ringers

Season 1: Episode 1

Content that may disturb, drug use, offensive language, sex scenes, self-harm, violence, sexual themes

Twin gynaecologists, Elliot and Beverly Mantle (Rachel Weisz) share everything, including drugs and lovers. They want to open a private clinic to improve women’s healthcare and will push the boundaries of medical ethics to do so. When Beverly becomes romantically involved with a woman, she threatens the twin’s relationship.

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20 April 2023

The Diplomat

Season 1: Episodes 1 & 2

Sex scenes

During a global crisis, a seasoned diplomat finds herself balancing the demands of her prestigious role as the ambassador to the UK with the challenges of her hectic marriage to a prominent political figure.

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19 April 2023

Graphic violence, drug use and offensive language

After Bert and his estranged father are kidnapped by a Russian mafia, he must embrace his alter-ego – a hard-drinking party guy – to survive and get home to his family.

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