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06 November 2023

Violence, offensive language and sex scenes

A young French captain named Napoleon Bonaparte leads his forces to a series of military victories. His successes in battle lead to him taking control of the French Empire, while struggling to maintain control of his marriage to Empress Joséphine – and his own destiny.

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22 November 2023

Squid Game: The Challenge

Season 1: Episode 1-10

Offensive language

Inspired by the Netflix series, Squid Game, 465 real-life contestants compete in a series of challenges based on Korean children's games for a $4.56 million cash prize – the largest single cash prize in history.

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21 November 2023

Coarse language

Stuck in the same school for decades, a Lizard plans to escape after learning they have one year left to live. All was going to plan when suddenly a horribly mean teacher arrives.

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16 November 2023

Drug use & violence

Before he became the tyrannical president of Panem, 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow is the last hope for his family’s fading lineage. To restore the Snows rightful place amongst the elite, Coriolanus is forced to become a mentor for the female tribute of District 12 during the 10th annual Hunger Games. With bleak odds, Snow has only one shot of achieving the impossible – win the Hunger Games.

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08 November 2023

Drug use

UK music artist, Robbie Williams, reflects on his music career. The docuseries includes 30 years of behind-the-scenes footage of Williams revisiting his drug and alcohol misuse, relationships and mental health journey.

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02 November 2023

The Light We Cannot See

Season 1: Episodes 1-4

Graphic violence

Marie-Laure a blind French teenager and Werner a young German soldier paths collide after discovering a grave secret.

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10 October 2023

Sex scenes, violence, offensive language and content that may disturb

Margot, a 20-year-old sophomore college student, meets Robert, an older man and regular attendee at the movie theatre she works at. The pair begin to flirt via text and then date until a series of differing perceptions, miscommunications, and misunderstandings prompt Margot to take decisive action.

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24 October 2023

Horror, violence and cruelty

A troubled security guard begins working at a closed down restaurant filled with possessed animal mascots that comes to life.

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24 October 2023


Hot Potato is about the beloved Australian child entertainers, The Wiggles…but not as you have seen them before.

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06 September 2023

Violence, offensive language and content may disturb

Set in the 1920s, members of the Osage tribe are being murdered around Fairfax, Oklahoma. War veteran Ernest Burkhart moves to town and marries Molly, an Osage native, while Ernest's uncle, Bill 'King' Hale, has other plans for him.

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03 October 2023

Sex scenes, sexual references, and offensive language

Kanika is dissatisfied with her romantic and sexual life. Fearful that she’ll grow old alone like her mother, she gets engaged to devoted suitor. However, everything becomes complicated when she supposedly sleeps with an unknown person on the night of their engagement party.

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13 September 2023

Sexual references and offensive language

Dramatises the events surrounding the remarkable surge in GameStop stock prices in 2021. The film focuses on the key personalities behind the occurrence, such as hobby investor Keith Gill, Hedge fund firm CEOs Gabe Plotkin and Ken Griffin, and the proprietors behind the investment platform Robinhood.

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