Helping whānau choose what to watch and play

Mātaki tahi, kōrero tahi.

Watch together, talk together.

Deciding what we’re comfortable watching and playing can be tricky. That’s why we provide ratings.

We help maintain the important balance between freedom of expression and protection from harm in Aotearoa.

We classify

We analyse entertainment, like movies and video games, and create ratings so parents can make good decisions about content.

We also classify other types of content New Zealanders complain about, and create classifications for evidence in court cases.

We may ban content if the harm it may cause meets the high threshold for illegality.

The classification process

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We research

Our work is driven by research. We love digging into the issues that society needs to face.

We produce reports with meaningful insights which influence policy and thinking.

We’ve also worked with experts to produce resources for parents who need to navigate tricky conversations.

Resources and research

Misinformation research

We learn together

Young people are the experts on what it is like to grow up online and they are most affected by the work we do, so we work with them to learn about their experiences.

Their voice helps shape our direction of travel, and in turn we help them to make informed choices about the content they watch and play.

Youth Advisory Panel

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We are independent

Protecting freedom of expression while ensuring the public is safe from harmful content is not a job we take lightly.

As an independent Crown entity, our decisions are unbiased, consistent and reliable, and are made in accordance with New Zealand legislation, rather than the government of the day.

About us


Our mission is to inform and empower New Zealanders to experience, understand, create and share content in a positive way, while safeguarding our tamariki and rangatahi from harm.