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This section contains our latest news, summaries of the reasons for recent classification decisions, access to our regular newsletters and updates, and a weekly overview of classification labels for broadcast (TV) content.

Latest news

Check out the latest classification news, events and topics from the Classification Office. This section includes our media releases, news articles on various topics related to classification, information about our latest research, details of submissions we've made, resources and useful PDFs. Read more about Latest news

Newsletter: Behind the Screens

Welcome to the Classification Office newsletter Behind the Screens! Sign up to receive regular insights and information on our research, resources, media literacy and classification news. Enjoy our newsletter archives. Read more about Newsletter: Behind the Screens

Newsletter: He Whakaatu Rangatahi

Welcome to the Classification Office youth newsletter He Whakaatu Rangatahi! Sign up to hear about the mana that rangatahi bring to our office and where we highlight the amazing work of our Youth Advisory Panel. We intend to issue two newsletters a year acknowledging rangatahi and the work we do with rangatahi. Enjoy our newsletter archives. Read more about Newsletter: He Whakaatu Rangatahi

Classification decision snapshots

A regularly updated collection of brief snapshots of recent classification decisions.  Read more about Classification decision snapshots

Featured classification decisions

This page provides detailed information about some of our recent classification decisions. Full written reports are available on request. Read more about Featured classification decisions

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