American Fiction

NZ release: 13 March 2024

Cruelty, drug use, offensive language, violence Rated on: 13 March 2024

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What’s it about?

A frustrated novelist fed up with the industry profiting from “Black” entertainment that relies on tired and offensive tropes, adopts a pen name to write a book to prove his point. However, when the book becomes a big hit, he is quickly thrust into hypocrisy and madness.

The facts

  • Directed by Cord Jefferson
  • Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay (96th Academy Awards)
  • Starring Jeffrey White, Sterling K. Brown, Erika Alexander and Adam Brody
  • Based on the 2001 novel by Percival Everett, Erasure

Why did it get this rating?

This film was self-rated by Amazon. You can find out more about self-rating by streaming providers here.

Offensive language

There is frequent use of offensive language, with characters often using strong language during conversation to express themselves. Sometimes they insult each other. Words such as “motherf*cker”, “sh*t”, “b*tch”, “arseh*le”, and “f*ck” are mentioned.

An African American professor has the N-word written on a whiteboard as part of their lecture. Some students are made uncomfortable and leave the room upset.


Characters are shot. In one scene, we see a character being shot many times by a group of officers. We see the body fall, and while we see blood stains we don’t see up close detail of their wounds because they’re covered by clothing. Although this is revealed to be a fictional scenario this still may shock some viewers.

Drug use

There are a couple of brief scenes showing characters snorting an unidentifiable white powder.

Suicide themes

There are multiple brief references to a father suicide. We do learn that he shot himself in the head. This storyline may upset viewers who have been impacted by suicide.

Further information

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