Streaming content

Major streaming providers are required to show New Zealand rating and classification information that is clear and consistent for New Zealand audiences.

Classifications vs ratings

You can expect to know the age-appropriateness of a film or series before it starts playing, and be shown warnings about content like sex, violence or offensive language.

There are three ways that age and content warnings can be determined for New Zealand audiences:

  1. Classification
    Providers can submit content for classification by the Classification Office. The Office then views and classifies the content, and advises the streaming provider. The classification is added to the film database, and becomes searchable through our Find a Rating search.
  2. Rating
    Providers can submit content for rating (including cross-rating from UK or Australian classifications) through the FVLB submission process. The FVLB then generate a rating and advise the streaming provider. The rating is added to the film database, and becomes searchable through our Find a Rating search.
  3. Self-rating
    Providers can self-rate using an approved self-rating system. The rating is then communicated to the Classification Office for addition to the film database, and becomes searchable through our Find a Rating search.

Who does this apply to?

Most commercial streaming providers in the New Zealand market, such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney +, Microsoft Films & TV, NEON, Netflix, Crunchyroll (a Sony subsidiary), and YouTube Movies are covered by the law. The full list can be found here.

What do ratings look like?

Streaming providers must show the age recommendation (such as G, PG, M, 16 or 18) and the content warning (such as "contains offensive language/violence/suicide"). These age ratings or classifications and content warnings are very similar to the classification information New Zealand audiences are used to seeing when going to the movies, on film posters or when renting DVDs from a physical store.

Where should I expect to see NZ ratings when I’m streaming?

This information should be shown close to the title of the content you’re going to watch, and rating information should also generally be shown when the content starts playing.

How to complain

We are focused on assisting providers to effectively and consistently implement classifications and ratings so that New Zealanders receive quality information.

If you find rating or classification information that doesn’t provide enough warning, is incorrect, or is missing then please let us know.

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