Applying to have a publication classified

Any person can seek the leave of the Chief Censor to submit a publication for classification.

Owners, makers, or authorised distributors of a publication have an automatic right to submit publications for classification directly to the Film and Video Labelling Body.

Online content hosts who have received a take-down notice from the Department of Internal Affairs should contact the Office if they would like that material classified.

Before submitting a publication, you should check whether it has already been classified.

There are different fees depending on the medium of the publication and whether the applicant has a commercial/professional interest in having the publication classified.

It is also possible to apply for fee waivers and urgency fees by attaching a letter to the application explaining why these are being sought.

Where a publication has been submitted under section 13 of the Films, Videos and Publications Act 1993, the following people have the right to make a written submission:

  • The Secretary of Internal Affairs.
  • The person/agency that submitted the publication.
  • Any person invited to make a submission because of their interest in the publication (being an interest such as owner, maker, distributor or publisher).
  • Other persons who satisfy the Chief Censor that they are likely to be affected by the classification of the publication.

If you require additional information on submitting a publication for classification, contact the Information Unit.

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