Censor for a Day #C4aD

The Classification Office runs an event called Censor for a Day where we invite senior Media Studies students to a local cinema and walk through the legislative criteria used to classify films, video games, books and other publications.

Students watch a pre-release film and participate in discussions and exercises to think critically about films and shows.

The event is a valuable learning opportunity, giving students a unique insight into the world of film classification. The Classification Office also benefits from receiving feedback from young people around their views on film censorship.

Rangatahi are passionate about what they watch and create. They are also arguably the group most impacted by the New Zealand classification system, so it is important that we engage with them in order to ensure that this system is meeting their needs.

We hope that by participating in Censor for a Day students gain information that is not only useful to their school studies, but also to their everyday movie-watching lives. In turn, these events are a valuable opportunity for Classification Office staff to gain insight into what rangatahi think about both the classification system and the content they’re seeing in the films they’re watching and the games they’re playing.

Interested in your school participating in our Censor for a Day programme? For more information, download our Censor for a Day information sheet.

We also provide rangatahi and teachers a quick guide about how we classify films, books and video games and other publications in Aotearoa.

Further information

  • To learn more about Censor for a Day, including how to participate, click here.
  • Our information worksheet helps students understand how we classify publications.

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