Brain development – how it works, why it matters

To understand why age ratings are important when it comes to films, DVDs, video games and other media content, it’s useful to know how our brains change as we grow.

We worked with youth health expert Dame Sue Bagshaw to give you a quick and easy overview.

Brain development

Our brains change just as much as our bodies as we grow. That's why we understand films, TV and media differently at different ages.

A handy guide to brain development

People often come to us asking about how they should approach difficult conversations with young ones. Here's how teenagers' brains work, and why it's important for adults to step in from time to time.

Concrete vs abstract thinkers

Different ways of thinking about things influence the way that media impacts young people's brains.

Thinking critically

We think it's good to teach young people how to think critically. Here's why that's important.

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