Video featuring footage from March 15 Mosque attacks permanently banned

July 27, 2022

An interim decision classifying as objectionable a pseudo-documentary featuring footage from the March 15 Mosque attacks is now final, Deputy Chief Censor Rupert Ablett-Hampson said today.

Part two of The Three Faced Terrorist was released in June and Te Mana Whakaatu – Classification Office promptly called in the publication and banned it on an interim basis.

The film uses extensive footage of the March 15 Mosque attacks livestream. An accompanying voiceover claims the attacks were fabricated.

“The video features extreme cruelty and violence and is degrading, dehumanising and demeaning to the victims of a terrorist attack”, said Ablett-Hampson.

“This final decision makes it an offence to view, download or share the publication. New Zealanders should not engage with this content. If they do come across it, they should report it to the Department of Internal Affairs.

“My thoughts and sympathy continue to be with the victims, their families, and all others who were affected by this dreadful event and its ongoing impacts.”


25 February 2022: Part one of The Three Faced Terrorist is ‘called in’ by the Chief Censor and classified as objectionable.

28 June 2022: Part two of The Three Faced Terrorist is ‘called-in’ by the Acting Chief Censor and classified as objectionable on an interim basis.

26 July 2022: A final decision is made to classify part two as objectionable.


While the publication is banned, academic researchers, analysts and journalists may apply for an exemption to access it.

The ban of the complete video does not automatically mean that any image or short extract from it is also banned. However, any edited clips, screenshots or still images taken from the full video depicting scenes of violence, injury or death, or that promote terrorism, may also be illegal.

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