Streaming providers are now required to display NZ ratings

Dec. 9, 2021

Clear and consistent ratings and classifications for New Zealand audiences that are delivered in a simple and cost effective way - that was the intention of the amendment to the Film, Videos, and Publications Classification Act which came into effect on 1 August this year.

The resulting change brings major streaming providers (commercial video on demand providers) under the NZ classification laws that have up until now been applied to distributors of physical publications like films, DVDs and books. Now major streaming platforms on this list are required to display NZ ratings and classifications. Those are the age ratings and descriptive content warnings that NZ audiences are familiar seeing when they go to the cinema or hire a DVD.

So who does this apply to?

Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Disney +, Google Play, Microsoft Films & TV, NEON, Netflix, and Sony Entertainment provide services covered by the new law. See this list of providers by company name. New streaming services arriving in the NZ market will be assessed and added as needed. 

What will I see on screen?

When choosing new movies and TV shows from those major providers you’ll see a NZ rating or classification displayed before the content starts to play. In most cases you’ll also be able to see a NZ rating on the title page for the content. This will help you make informed choices about what you and your family choose to watch.  

Why doesn’t some content have a rating displayed?

Providers are working to have their entire catalogues rated, either through self-rating or by submitting films for classification. A balanced and staggered approach is needed so that providers can work through their back catalogues and ensure the correct ratings are in place.

Have you spotted a streaming provider that doesn’t have NZ ratings displayed?

Only providers on this list are legally required to display NZ ratings. If you are using a service that you believe should be covered by the law please get in touch with us or Department of Internal Affairs.

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