UMR Research 2019 – Online video services

Dec. 13, 2019

A few months ago we asked New Zealanders about their entertainment media consumption.

Online content delivery has changed enormously over the past decade, and it’s had a dramatic impact on the global film and television industry – which has in turn, impacted our own work. We know that many New Zealanders are choosing to view films and tv series via streaming platforms such as Netflix, but until we asked, we didn’t know just how many of us were using them – or which platforms are most popular in NZ.

Now we do!

This research supports a new bill about to be introduced to parliament, which seeks to amend our current Films, Videos & Publications Classification Act, to bring commercial video on demand providers, such as Netflix and Lightbox, within a trusted classification system that New Zealanders are familiar with. For consumers, this means better, more relevant, and consistent age ratings and content descriptions across multiple platforms. Which is great news for parents, and all those seeking easy-to-access information, in order to make educated viewing choices.

Download the 2019 research on online video services here.

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