Welcome to Wrexham

NZ release: 12 September 2023

Offensive language Rated on: 12 September 2023

Season 2: Episodes 1-15

Welcome to Wrexham Season 2

What’s it about?

After falling just short of promotion last season, Wrexham AFC, Ryan Reynolds, and Rob McElhenney return for a new season with the hopes of promotion in one of the most challenging leagues in English football.

The facts

  • English language
  • 15 episodes, ~25 minutes each
  • Staring Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney
  • Episodes release weekly, every Wednesday

Why did it get this rating?

[This breakdown only covers episodes 1–9. This will regularly update after each episode’s release.]

This show was self-rated by Disney+. You can find out more about self-rating by streaming providers here.

Offensive language

Offensive language is used, mostly out of frustration and not in an insulting way. “F**k”, “bullsh*t”, "a*s", and “sh*t” are mentioned. “F**king” is frequently mentioned throughout the show.

There are brief clips of football fans often doing the jerking off hand gesture, the two-fingered salute, and flipping the bird.

Mental Health

A player opens up about their dad taking their own life due to their mental health. Although there is positive messaging and acknowledgement of their dad, this may be upsetting for some viewers.


If you or someone you know needs to talk:

  • Free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor
  • Lifeline

Further information

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