Gen V

NZ release: 29 September 2023

Explicit sex scenes, graphic violence, drug use, offensive language, cruelty, suicide, self-harm, violence, nudity, sex scenes Rated on: 29 September 2023

Season 1: Episodes 1-8

Gen V Season 1

What’s it about?

A new generation of up-and-coming superheroes compete for the best rankings and to become a superhero. However, the death of the school’s top ranked student alerts a small group of students to uncover a terrifying secret.

The facts

  • Created by Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, Craig Rosenberg (The Boys, Superbad)
  • English language
  • 8 episodes, ~50 minutes
  • Gen V is part of The Boys universe

Why did it get this rating?

This show was self-rated by Amazon. You can find out more about self-rating by streaming providers here.

Nudity, sex and sexual themes

There are sex scenes. In these scenes, nudity is often shown. We see detailed shots of breasts and penises.

Nudity is also shown in non-sexual contexts, however there are some scenes where most nude parts are covered.

A character is revealed to have a weird fetish of masturbating in objects.

There are frequent sexual references, often describing sexual acts and private parts.


Throughout the show we see physical and gun violence. Characters often are killed and harmed in violent detailed ways. A character’s penis swells up and explodes. Most characters are often violently ripped to shreds.

The strongest scene includes a character crawling through a guard’s ear. Blood pours out of the guard’s eyes, nose, and ears. The character comes out of the other ear covered in blood. This could be disturbing for some viewers.


A character flies up to the sky and explodes, killing themselves. Another character cuts their throat.

A character activates their superpower by cutting their arm and hands.

Offensive language

Offensive language is frequently used through the series. “Sh*t”, “b*tch”, “motherf**ker”,“f**k”, and “c**t” are mentioned.


A character is tortured. We see them restrained and a needle hammered into their spine. The insertion isn’t shown but there is sound of it piercing his spine.

Drug use

Characters take drugs and make drug references. We see bongs, and physical drugs in bags.


If you or someone you know needs to talk:

  • Free call or text 1737 any time for support from a trained counsellor
  • Lifeline

Further information

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