Drive to Survive

NZ release: 23 February 2024

Offensive language, violence Rated on: 23 February 2024

Season 6: Episodes 1-10

Drive to Survive

What’s it about?

A Netflix docuseries following the FIA Formula One World Championship. Delving into the F1 Paddock, the series provides interviews and inside footage of all ten Formula 1 teams and drivers.

The facts

  • Directed by James Gay-Rees and Sophie Todd
  • English language, with some French, German, and Italian dialogue
  • Runtime 10 episodes, about 50 mins each

Why did it get this rating?

This show was self-rated by Netflix. You can find out more about self-rating by streaming providers here.

Offensive language

Offensive language is frequent, these are mostly said out of frustration or to express their feelings and not in way directed as insults. “F*cking”,”F*ck”,”Sh*t”,Bullsh*t”, is mentioned.


We see cars crash; these are often fast-paced and full of action. Although the drivers mostly escape with no serious injuries it may be unsettling for some viewers.

Further information

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