Selling imported or second-hand games and DVDs

Does your DVD/Blu-ray or game show a New Zealand classification label? If it does, you can legally sell it in New Zealand. Take a look at the classification labels and learn what they mean.

Here's what to do if you don't see a New Zealand label:

  • If you want to sell a DVD/Blu-ray you will need to get a label for it before listing it, unless the content of the DVD/Blu-ray comes under one of the exempt categories - find out what type of content is exempt. Remember that TV shows on DVD also need labels, not just movies.
  • If your game has been restricted overseas (for example MA15+ or R18+ in Australia) you will need to get a New Zealand label before selling it. However, if your game is unrestricted (for example, G, PG or M in Australia) it can be sold without New Zealand labels.

If a DVD/Blu-ray or game is classified as 'objectionable' (banned) it is illegal to possess it, or to supply it to other people. You can check the status of your game or DVD/Blu-ray on the NZ Register of Classification Decisions

If you need more information please contact our Information Unit.

Getting a classification label

Classification labels are supplied by the Film and Video Labelling Body. More information about classification labels can be found here.

Breaches of the classification law on online auction sites

If you are concerned a seller on an online auction site is not labelling their DVDs/games correctly, you can contact the Censorship Compliance Unit at the Department of Internal Affairs.

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