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Reflecting on our own trusted sources of entertainment


Caitlin on May 28, 2024

This blog is written by Charlotte, a media studies student from Fraser High School, Hamilton. It is the third in a series of guest blogs in celebration of Media Literacy week 2024.

During Media Literacy Week we encouraged and supported media studies students to write guest blogs about their personal experience of media and staying safe when using media.

The Media Literacy Week aims to “equip secondary students with vital skills to navigate the complexities of the digital age, fostering critical thinking and resilience in the online realm”. It’s run during Term 2 at schools and kura around Aotearoa New Zealand.

Here at Te Mana Whakaatu – Classification Office we love media literacy. Being aware of media, how to use it, interpret it, decode it, and verify it, means we can be safe out there. We tautoko this education push to improve media literacy for rangatahi.

Read on for Charlotte's blog tagged to the media theme of 'Verify'.

On a lazy, chilly Sunday afternoon with rain tapping on the windows, I’m cozied up in my blankets, pondering which movie world should I escape to. With countless options available it is important to reflect on your own source of recommendations and why you trust them.

Personally, my go-to source for recommendations has always been people close to me - who seem to know me nearly better than I know myself. Whether it's a friend with an eye for great series or a family member who knows just the right movies to captivate me, their suggestions often lead me to amazing films and unforgettable experiences. There's something special about sharing a favourite film or series with someone who understands your unique preferences and quirks.

Then there are my favourite directors. The dreamers behind the camera whose storytelling skills never fail to draw me in. From the thrilling ideas of Christopher Nolan to the satirical New Zealand humour of Taika Waititi, their distinct styles and storytelling techniques never fail to impress me. The prospect of watching films from directors I admire always brings me joy. It’s like being Batman in Nolan's Gotham City, navigating through darkness to find that one gem that resonates or stumbling upon Korg, offering comedic relief amidst the chaos. Just as Batman's gadgets are essential tools for his quest, the recommendations from friends and family are mine.

Yet, amid the comfort of trusted suggestions and the appeal of beloved directors, there's also the thrill of finding something new. Whether it’s stumbling upon a hidden gem on my Instagram or taking a chance on a film recommended by a social media influencer, embarking on a new cinematic journey is exhilarating. Each new find presents the opportunity to uncover unexpected treasures and discover new worlds to enjoy, cherish, and share.

A message from the Classification Office:

As Charlotte weaves her tale of cozy Sunday afternoons and the quest for the perfect movie, she creates a scene that's both inviting and familiar. Her methods of choosing what to watch offer a glimpse into the warmth of shared recommendations and the excitement of new discoveries. Charlotte's story encourages us to reflect on our own trusted sources for entertainment. Whether it's the wisdom of friends and family, the allure of beloved directors, or the thrill of stumbling upon hidden treasures, each of us has our own journey in the world of content consumption. So, as we listen to Charlotte's narrative amidst the pitter-patter of rain on the windows, let's take a moment to consider our own sources of guidance and inspiration when it comes to selecting what to watch, play, or see.

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