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NZ release: 24 November 2022

Violence, offensive language and suicide Rated on: 03 November 2022

The Menu

What’s it about?

A young couple attend an exclusive restaurant, the Hawthorne, on a private island run by a celebrity chef. Chef Slowik and his extremely dedicated staff provide an unforgettable and lavish menu for a small group of wealthy guests, where the food is more art and story than something to just eat.

As the night unfolds, what appears to be an elite opportunity turns into a night full of shocking surprises.

The facts

  • Directed by Mark Mylod
  • English language
  • Runtime: 107 minutes

Why did it get this rating?


There are two different suicide scenes in the film.

A man shoots himself in the mouth in front of a group of people, which is meant to be shocking. He is depicted lying on the floor with blood around his head.

The other scene shows the murder-suicide of a man lighting himself and a room full of people on fire. Some people are shown with their clothes on fire and their faces going red. This scene is less shocking compared with the first suicide scene as it becomes obvious that the fate of the people in the room is sealed.


Bloody violence is shown and really ramps up towards the end of the film. People are stabbed, a finger is cut off and there is a lot of blood. A room full of people is set on fire and later explodes with everyone inside.

Some violence is discussed instead of shown. The nature of this violence can be challenging for some viewers with lived experiences and sensitivities to domestic violence.

A man talks about his experience from when he was little. He explains how his father came home drunk and after quarrelling with his mother, his father wrapped a telephone cord around her neck and would not let go until the boy stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors.

Offensive language

Swear words are used frequently throughout the film, including the F-bomb.


The film is a comedy-horror and has the viewer on the edge of their seat for much of the film. The sense of dread and suspense ramps up towards the end, and includes bloody injuries.

Sexual themes

A couple of sexual references are talked about in the film but nothing is shown. These scenes may make some viewers uncomfortable.

A woman talks about how she was hired as an escort. The male client pretended she was his daughter and asked her to keep eye-contact with him while he masturbated.

Another woman shares her experience of when a man made multiple sexual advances towards her. Because she refused him, he stopped acknowledging her presence for 8 months.

Further information

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