Thank You for Coming

NZ release: 06 October 2023

Sex scenes, sexual references, and offensive language Rated on: 03 October 2023

Thank You For Coming

What’s it about?

In this Indian comedy, Kanika is dissatisfied with her romantic and sexual life. Fearful that she’ll grow old alone like her mother, she gets engaged to devoted suitor. When she supposedly sleeps with an unknown person on the night of their engagement party, her quest to identify the mystery man leads her to confront personal truths, delve into complicated family history, and ultimately find her way towards self-acceptance.

The facts

  • Directed by Karan Boolani (24: India)
  • Hindi and English language, with English subtitles
  • Runtime 116 minutes

Why did it get this rating?

This film was classified by Te Mana Whaakatu – Classification Office.

Sex scenes and sexual references

The film deals extensively with sex, but in a light-hearted way. It is generally not crude and shines light on sexual double standards between men and women. It has positive messages about female empowerment.

There are two sex scenes, no nudity is shown in these scenes.

  • Two characters are beneath sheets, sex is implied by thrusting motions.
  • While in bed, a character slips their hand beneath the sheets. Masturbation is implied by off-screen movements and facial expressions.

There are a few sexual references.

  • Kanika tells a large audience that to conceive a baby, “boys and girls have to have sex”.
  • Kanika tries to seduce other characters.
  • Lingerie and a small sex toy are briefly shown.
  • Orgasms, ‘hand job’, porn and virginity, are discussed/mentioned.


There are a few instances of bullying and teasing.

  • One character is bullied and labelled a “bastard child” and her peers gossip about her. Her boyfriend makes fun of her for not knowing how to please men.
  • Another character is bullied after their video got leaked. It is implied the video is of a sexual nature but no sexual activity or nudity is seen.


A character accuses another of sleeping with her husband and punches her in the face. The character suffers mild facial bruising.

Offensive language

Offensive language is used mostly in casual conversation for emphasis. The tone is quite light-hearted.

Further information

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