Phone Bhoot

NZ release: 04 November 2022

Supernatural themes, drug use and violence Rated on: 02 November 2022

Phone Bhoot

What’s it about?

Buddies Major and Gullu set up a ghost exorcism business with the help of a third partner, wandering ghost Ragini. Their success draws the ire of sorcerer Aatmaram.

The facts

  • Director: Gurmmeet Singh
  • Languages: Hindi, Tamil, and English
  • Runtime: 135 minutes
  • Has a banging soundtrack

Why did it get this rating?

Supernatural themes

Phone Bhoot contains some low-impact horror imagery.

The strongest horror is in the opening scene, which involves blood coming out of a shower head. However, this is not very realistic.

Other examples include a scuttling ghost at a party, occasional jump scares, floating objects, and possessed people climbing walls.

Some of the horror imagery is pun-based, which children may not understand.

Drug use

Major and Gullu pop pills that cause hallucinations and zany situations that they deal with in a slapstick manner, before they fall unconscious. The drug use appears fun and harmless, and requires maturity to contextualise.


There is some fantasy violence showing characters using their magic powers on others. Barely any blood is shown.

Some parts of the plot involving violence are narrated instead of shown.


In one scene, a car rocks back and forth, suggesting that the two people inside are having sex. One of the characters flirts with double entendres.

Offensive language

Swear words are occasionally used, including a single use of “f**k” which is subtitled with asterisks. The language is unlikely to harm younger viewers and indicates a younger intended audience.

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