Laapataa Ladies

NZ release: 01 March 2024

Adult themes and coarse language Rated on: 28 February 2024

Lost Ladies


What’s it about?

A comedy set in 2001 rural India where two young brides are mistakenly swapped following a chance encounter on a train journey. One bride is left stranded at the railway station while the other bride bides her time making meaningful connections with the wrong in-laws as she’s in no hurry to return to her new husband.

The facts

  • Director Kiran Rao
  • Hindi language with English subtitles
  • Runtime 124 minutes
  • This is the second feature from director Kiran Rao

Why did it get this rating?

Adult themes

There are subtle sexual references throughout the film which are likely to be missed by younger viewers. A newly married man tells his friends he’s going to visit “Dolly” on his wedding night even though his new wife is missing.

Crime is shown in a light-hearted and comedic way throughout the film. There are corrupt police, references to a fake bride gang, and a man is threatened with arrest for his terrible attitude towards his new wife. There is reference to a possible murder where the wife died after being burned alive.

Female characters learn there is more to life than the traditional roles expected of them as women in Indian society.


We see a policewoman comically hitting a man with a lathi, and a man slapping his wife across the face in anger. This could be upsetting for some viewers. A group of friends are getting drunk together and one takes offence at a comment, lunging at his mate and attempting to punch him.

Coarse language

There is very occasional strong language used as exclamations such as “damn”, “bloody”, and “hell!”. These are spoken in Hindi and translated into the English subtitles. The phrase “Holy sh*t!” is used once.

Further information

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