Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Violence, domestic violence themes and content that may disturb Rated on: 11 May 2022

Jayeshbhai Jordaar

What’s it about?

Jayesh hatches a plot for his family to escape to a town of feminist male wrestlers so that his wife Mudri can have their child in safety. The film satirises sexist cultural attitudes and practices in India.

The facts

  • Hindi language
  • Comedy/drama
  • Runtime: 125 minutes

Why did it get this rating?

Violence and domestic violence themes

The film contains references to domestic violence and moments of farcical and slap-stick violence. Characters tackle, slap and sometimes punch each other.

There is one briefly alarming scene where a woman threatens her husband with a knife to put him ‘in his place’.

Whenever violent moments seem about to become serious, they are diffused by humour.

Content that may disturb

The film is set in a society where sexist attitudes are prevalent and where old men are in control. Women must do as they are told, wives are treated like property, and they are not allowed to drive. This makes them so sad that they regularly gather in secret on a roof to hold each other and cry.

Familial pressure, especially to procure abortions, features heavily throughout the film. This causes the characters physical and mental distress and weaves in with the film’s wider themes of misogyny and sexism.

The misogynistic attitudes of the men are lampooned, exaggerated and made to appear foolish. Since the main character fights against these attitudes there is no sense that the film condones them.

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