Heropanti 2

Violence and sexual references Rated on: 28 April 2022

Heropanti 2

What’s it about?

Babloo has started a new life after foiling criminal mastermind Laila’s plans to steal money through cyberhacking. Babloo’s identity is blown when he runs into ex-girlfriend Inaaya, who happens to be Laila’s sister. Laila and his partners send assassins to neutralise Babloo so the he can’t ruin their next big heist. 

The facts

  • Hindi language with English subtitles
  • Action
  • Runtime: 138 minutes

Why did it get this rating?


The film mainly deals with violence depicted to a moderate extent and generally low degree, with some stronger moments such as stabbings. There are numerous choreographed fight scenes using over the top acrobatic manoeuvres. A lot of the violence is comedic in tone. 


There a few low level sexual references, including a fleeting clip of scantily-clad women, referred to as “porn”.

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