Eraser: Reborn

Violence, offensive language and content that may disturb Rated on: 14 April 2022

Eraser Reborn

What’s it about?

Mason is a secret agent whose job is to protect witnesses by faking their deaths (erasing them). When a mole for in his agency betrays Mason, he and the witness he is protecting must run for their lives.

The facts

  • Action/thriller
  • Runtime: 98 minutes
  • Reboot of Eraser (1996)

Why did it get this rating?


There is frequent action-violence. The action is fast-paced, involving choreographed hand-to-hand fighting, gun violence and occasional explosions. There are many scenes with heavy gunfire represented by loud sound effects and muzzle flair.

Several scenes involve sudden violence that create jump scares. Little injury detail is depicted. Dead bodies fall out of frame. Brief spurts of blood and jerking bodies indicate gunshot wounds. Two people are injured by large mammals.

There is also a scene involving sexual threat but it is not overt.

Offensive language

The film contains frequent offensive language. Words include ‘f**k’, ‘f**king’, ‘sh*t’, ‘bitch’ and one use of ‘motherf**ker’. These are used aggressively during violent altercations and casually.

Content that may disturb

There are moments with disturbing content, including brief wound details and blood. In one scene a man cuts his thumb with a knife and scenes depicting animal trafficking that may disturb some.

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