Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

M Violence Rated on: 05 May 2022

What’s it about?

In the latest instalment of Marvel’s Doctor Strange franchise, dreams and nightmares become windows and doorways into other realities, which include different versions of the Doctor Strange himself.

The facts

  • Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • English language
  • Directed by Sam Raimi
  • Runtime 126 minutes

Why did it get this rating?


Violence is shown to a varying degree throughout the film. Sequences involving weapons, fistfights and magical powers result in characters sustaining gory injuries. Blood from wounds and cuts is visible on occasion, and there are close ups of a decomposing dead body.

A number of scenes involve elements of horror and threat, including demonic beings attacking people, magical powers being used to burn victims, the reanimation of a corpse, and multiple ‘jump scares’. Characters are pursued by monsters and threatened with (magical) torture.

Further information

The film carries an M violence rating which means that while it is unrestricted (anyone can see it), it is more suitable for older viewers. You can find out more about classification labels here.

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