CBI 5: The Brain

Violence and offensive language Rated on: 04 May 2022

CBI 5 The Brain

What’s it about?

Sethurama Iyer (Sethu) and his team solves a series of confounding murders. A chief minister experiences a heart attack. Later, the minister’s cardiologist is found dead under suspicious circumstances. A journalist who raises suspicions about the death is killed as well. The case reaches Sethu’s desk after a policeman dies in a hit and run, and his death is slowly connected to the murders. 

The facts

  • Malayalam language with English Subtitles
  • Crime mystery
  • Runtime: 164 minutes

Why did it get this rating?


The film mainly deals with violence shown after a death has already occurred. Victims are fleetingly seen with small amounts of blood, bruising, and occasionally torn clothing.


There is occasional use of coarse language. “Bloody” is used as an intensifier, and “bitch” used in a misogynistic manner.

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