Bullet Train

Graphic violence and offensive language Rated on: 27 July 2022

Bullet Train

What’s it about?

Five assassins on a bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto are working at cross purposes against each other. One wants a briefcase, but another is sent to steal it. A pair is sent to protect a person, but another is sent to kill him. Mayhem ensues when their paths intersect.

The facts

  • Director: David Leitch
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Based on the English translation of the Japanese novel Mariabītoru by Kōtarō Isaka

Why did it get this rating?


The film shows fast-paced and spectacular hand-to-hand close-contact fighting designed to cause maximum damage in a contained space. There are multiple instances of wounding with guns, knives, and swords accompanied by copious blood spray. Gory injuries are occasionally shown briefly.

Wry humour often breaks the tension, but also trivialises the violence.

Offensive language

Highly offensive language such as “f**k” and “motherf**ker” are used extensively. The humorous manner in which some of the language is used is likely to encourage younger viewers to imitate it.


A sociopathic teen and budding criminal harms a boy and threatens to finish the job if the boy’s father doesn’t do as he’s asked.

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