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This page contains all the episodes of the Classification Office's podcast, talking about classification work and what we do.

Episode 4: Understanding Loot Boxes with Aaron Drummond and Jim Sauer

In our office we often receive enquiries and complaints from the public about loot boxes. But what are they, and why do people complain about them? What are the risks? In this podcast we speak to researchers Aaron Drummond and Jim Sauer, who are undertaking recent on what the long term effects of loot boxes are on their users. Please see our website for more information and further updates about loot boxes in our blogs.

Episode 3: Porn and Young People in NZ

The Classification Office conducts research and produces evidence-based resources to promote media literacy and enable New Zealanders to make informed choices about content they consume. In this podcast Chief Censor David Shanks and our research lead Henry talk about our research exploring young people’s experience and views about porn, and why it’s essential to listen to our rangatahi and tamariki when navigating this area. Check out our website for our porn research, our content analysis of pornhub and watch this space for the release of our next piece of research at the end of March.

Episode 2: Good Boys

At OFLC we try to engage with young people as much as possible, especially when considering decisions that directly affect them. Recently we invited some members of our Youth Advisory Panel to join the classification assessment of the film Good Boys. The comedy features young teenagers swearing copiously, and contains sexual humour. Although the film sounds confronting the sexual content is balanced by the film’s positive messages around consent, friendship and responsibility. In this podcast we talk to Emma and Julian, two members from the panel who joined us during the classification process, and they share their experience and thoughts on the process and decision. We also ask Shiyi, a Classification Advisor here, about their involvement with the decision. Check out our featured classification decision!

Episode 1: Loot boxes

At OFLC we often talk to young people about how we classify films and games, and lately loot boxes have featured large in the conversation! It’s tricky because in New Zealand loot boxes don’t constitute gambling. In this podcast we ask Callan, a 14 year old gamer from Onslow College, about what loot boxes are and how young people perceive them. We also ask Shiyi, a Classification Advisor here, about their potential harms, and how similar the mechanics are to gambling. Check out our blog for more information!

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