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Contacting censorship enforcement agencies

The Classification Office does not enforce the censorship laws. There are a number of agencies which are responsible for the enforcement of the Films, Videos, and Publications Classification Act 1993:

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Censorship Compliance Unit website homepage

Censorship Compliance at the Department of Internal Affairs

A member of the public can make a complaint regarding a publication to the Censorship Compliance Unit at the Department of Internal Affairs.

The Compliance Unit is the main censorship enforcement agency, and can submit the item to the Classification Office in order to be classified. You can contact the Compliance Unit at or on 0800 257 887.

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NZ Police website

New Zealand Police

A member of the public can make a complaint to the Police, who also have the power to seize and/or submit publications. Contact your local police station.

If you have any concerns that someone you know, or know of, is involved in the sexual exploitation of children, or may be using the internet or other electronic means to behave in an inappropriate or criminal way towards children, you should contact OCEANZ (Online Child Exploitation Across New Zealand - a specialist Police team).

NZ Customs website

New Zealand Customs

If New Zealand Customs have concerns that the publication is a prohibited import, they will seize the publication at the border, and decide whether to proceed with legal action.

If you have questions about bringing or sending a publication into New Zealand, contact Customs on freephone 0800 428 786 (0800 4 CUSTOMS) or email

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