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Inquiries and complaints about classification

This page has information to help you if you have a question or concern, or would like to give feedback on the classification of a publication or on the censorship system in general.

I want to ask a question or make a complaint

The Classification Office's Information Unit will provide you with information to help resolve your question or complaint. Contact the Information Unit.

Useful links

I want to report a breach of the law

If you are concerned that a publication is being made freely available when it is of a restricted or illegal nature you should contact the Censorship Compliance Unit at the Department of Internal Affairs: or on 0800 257 887.

I want to find out the classification of a publication

You can search for New Zealand classifications on films, books, games and other publications using the NZ Register of Classification Decisions and the database of the Film and Video Labelling Body.

For information on how to use these databases, go to How to search for a classification.

I have a question or complaint about television or radio content and/or advertising

The Office of Film and Literature Classification is not responsible for broadcasting.

Please contact the TV or radio station in the first instance, and if you have further concerns, contact the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

To make a complaint about advertising content in any media format contact the Advertising Standards Authority.