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Newsletter: He Whakaatu Rangatahi

Welcome to the Classification Office youth newsletter He Whakaatu Rangatahi! Sign up to hear about the mana that rangatahi bring to our office and where we highlight the amazing work of our Youth Advisory Panel.

We intend to issue two newsletters a year acknowledging rangatahi and the work we do with rangatahi. Enjoy our archives below.

He Whakaatu Rangatahi newsletter

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He Whakaatu Rangatahi banner, September 2020

He Whakaatu Rangatahi #1 - August 2020

This is our first edition of He Whakaatu Rangatahi! Click through to see an update for our Youth Advisory Panel and what they have been up to this year. We talk about how young people were involved in helping pass the Commercial Video on Demand Bill AND we give a general update on our other youth engagements!
Read He Whakaatu Rangatahi #1


It's good that we are able to have an impact on stuff that is relevant right now

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