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Resources for retailers and cinema operators

01 November 2013

Christmas is nearly upon us and everyone wants DVDs, games and trips to the movies. To help customer understanding at retail and cinema point-of-sale, we've distributed 1,000 posters of our Red Means Restricted flyer.

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Get our resources for retailers and cinema operators

To help both staff and customers understand classification labels on DVDs, films and games, the Classification Office can supply you with Red Means Restricted flyers (100 flyers per pad).

Order your free Red Means Restricted pads from the Information Unit

First page of our Red Means Restricted flyerSecond page of our Red Means Restricted flyer

Check out the advice in the Industry section of this website

In the Industry section you'll find targeted information for retailers and cinema operators, including updated and comprehensive advice based on common inquiries from industry members.

Information for Industry

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Does your store/cinema have a classification label poster on display?

Cinemas and stores selling or hiring out DVDs or games are legally required to display information about classification labels.

We've recently redesigned our classification label poster - it contains all the information required by law, and clearly explains the meaning of labels to customers.

Order your free A2 and A3 size posters from the Information Unit

Classification label poster
Classification label poster

We're here to help

You are welcome to contact us with any questions you have about the classification system, and we are happy to explain the law to customers.

For more information about the classification system or to order any of our resources, contact the Information Unit.