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Young People's Perceptions research

04 November 2013

Chief Censor Andrew Jack spoke in support of research published by his office this week that found that many young New Zealanders are critical of the system of legal restrictions operating in this country for films and games.

"While critical of aspects of the system" he said, "overall, the message is that young New Zealanders are sensitive to the fact that some content could have a negative impact on their behaviours and attitudes, or on the behaviours and attitudes of those younger than them."

Dr Jack notes that young people are savvy enough to use the system to inform their viewing decisions about content they wish to avoid. "And fortunately," he said, " young people are particularly careful to check the classification when they are viewing films with people younger than themselves."

Dr Jack said that his office wants to encourage a greater degree of self-protective behaviour by young people when choosing entertainment content. "We are about raising the awareness of tools such as age restrictions and descriptive notes that are sending a strong and consistent message to young people: 'viewer beware'."

The research was conducted with the assistance of Colmar Brunton Social Research Agency and is freely available on our research page.

Key Findings Summary Sheet (PDF, 539KB)

Cover of Survey of Young People's Perceptions of the Classification System