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PG: violence. Gaming experience may change online.

Spoiler alert

This page outlines how the classification criteria were applied. We do our best to discuss the content while avoiding spoilers, but please avoid reading this information if you do not want to learn anything about the content of this game.

Guncraft poster

Date registered: 06/10/2014

About the game

Guncraft is a multiplayer first person shooter set in a cartoonish blocky world. Comprised of traditional objective-based gameplay, players engage with their comrades and opponents in destructible environments made of cubes where defences can be constructed and levelled. A variety of military themed weapons such as machine guns, pistols and explosives can be used as well as vehicles such as tanks and helicopters.

In addition to these multiplayer modes, players can create their own maps and environments as well as custom weapons and buildings. Characters can also be customised with a wide variety of colour schemes and apparel, including hairstyles, hats and boots. A significant amount of game options are dedicated to multiplayer gameplay, increasing the likelihood of online interactions.

Gameplay - the cartoon world

Classification criteria: Horror

Some very limited elements of horror occur within the "Paranoia" mode, where two of the players are selected as incognito "Queens" who infect other players, turning them into zombies. However the depiction is very low, with the zombies' appearance remaining the same as regular players only without their weapons. Once revealed, the Queens are shown with blocky tendrils emanating from their back but again this depiction is limited. Overall, while the night-time scenario and mildly creepy music may momentarily scare very young children, the focus on considered gameplay means it is unlikely to cause them significant harm.

Gameplay - baddies at night

Classification criteria: Violence

Violence occurs to a moderate extent but very low degree. Presented with a highly unrealistic aesthetic reminiscent of Lego or Minecraft, players control their characters from a first person perspective. Using low-fi weaponry or even a very basic melee move, they attack enemy players in order to complete various objectives. However the only indication of this violence is several diagonal lines in between the crosshair to indicate a hit and blocky impact sparks. With sustained attacks, the enemy player falls over in an unrealistic and limited animation to indicate they have been defeated before disappearing.

The strongest depiction of violence in the publication occurs when a player is injured. On their own screen an assortment of red squares suggestive of blood effects briefly appear onscreen before fading away. This is used to indicate the player is under attack and losing health, affording them the chance to defend themselves.

Gameplay - bad guy with a gun

Decision summary

Guncraft is a low-fi take on multiplayer first person shooters with its building-block gameplay adding a creative element. It contains depictions of low-level violence which are limited by the cartoonish aesthetic and lack of injury. While the combat scenario is not suitable for very young children, it is unlikely to cause them serious harm.

However, as an online-enabled game there is the potential to encounter crude behaviour from other players. A descriptive note indicating that the "Gaming experience may change online" should limit this potential harm to young children by informing their parents/caregivers.

Therefore Guncraft is classified as unrestricted, with the advisory of parental guidance required. As the publication is unrestricted there are no limitations on the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

Contact the Information Unit if you require further information on a classification decision.

PG label
PG: violence. Gaming experience may change online.