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R16: Contains nudity, drug use, offensive language and sexual themes

Spoiler alert

This page outlines how the classification criteria were applied. We do our best to discuss the content while avoiding spoilers, but please avoid reading this information if you do not want to learn anything about the content of this movie.

About the film

Blockers is Kay Cannon’s first attempt at directing. The result is a hilarious comedy, featuring WWE star John Cena and Leslie Mann.

The film is a US comedy that follows three parents trying to ‘cock block’ their daughters, who are trying to have sex for the first time on Prom night.  An overprotective mum, a sensitive hulk-like father and an estranged dad discover their daughter’s sex pact and endeavour to stop their girls from losing their virginity. The lengths the parents go to are somewhat extreme, and their adventures culminate in an eventful night for all.

Poster for Blockers

Date registered: 16/03/2018

Classification criteria: Sex

The film deals extensively with sex as it is the premise of the film, evident in the title ‘blockers’, a shortened version of ‘cock blockers’. There are frequent references of strong sexual material and blunt conversations about sex. Some of the scenes depict implicit sexual activity, and the film has a scene of full frontal male nudity. The high-school senior girls have frequent discussions about their impending sexual encounters, from talks of their male counterpart’s genitalia, the ‘how to’ of having sex and performing fellatio. The film’s narrative is based on the comedic value the sexual material provides, and the different, sometimes awkward, relationships that teenagers have with their parents around the topic. The depictions of sex are consensual and the sexual activity is between older teenagers (aged 17 to 18 years old), with one scene between parents.

A still from Blockers, showing John Cena's character, his daughter, and her date at a garden party

Classification criteria: Crime

Matters of crime in this film are related to drug use by the older teenage characters. The drugs are consumed by the teenagers, who experience pleasurable effects in the aftermath of using. One of the characters, Connor, is a gourmet drug cook who concocts his own recipes for drugs. His notoriety is portrayed as admirable and aspirational amongst the peer group. The girls do experience a bout of projectile vomiting from the drugs, which is comedic in nature.

Still from Blockers showing Ike Barinholtz and Leslie Mann's character doing a funnel of alcohol

Classification criteria: Offensive language

The characters often use words such as “fuck” and its derivatives throughout the film. Other offensive terms such as “shit” and “asshole” are used, but the offensive language is not used in aggression against other individuals, and is typically in a colloquial fashion.

Cropped image of the poster for Blockers

Decision summary

Blockers is a sex comedy that weaves a comedic storyline between characters and their relationships, relying on their charisma and chemistry. The use of three girls as protagonists subverts the typical genre tropes and ultimately empowers young women to be the authors of their individual sexual narratives. The film showcases healthy sexual relations between characters and sets the characters up to make informed decisions regarding sexuality. Although the sexual themes are largely positive, children and young teenagers are unlikely to have the maturity and understanding of material that is beyond their comprehension without context. Exposure to this material is likely to have a negative impact on their sexual development. The depictions of sexualised nudity and promotional drug use adds to the need for a restriction, as does the offensive language used throughout. Older teenagers and adults are more likely to have the experience and maturity to place these elements into context of the humorous, slapstick comedic film without being adversely affected. 

R16 label
R16: Contains nudity, drug use, offensive language and sexual themes