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Blade Runner 2049

R13: Violence, offensive language & sexual themes.

Spoiler alert

This page outlines how the classification criteria were applied. We do our best to discuss the content while avoiding spoilers, but please avoid reading this information if you do not want to learn anything about the content of this movie.

About the film

Blade Runner 2049 is a well-made, thoughtful and gritty sci-fi thriller, the sequel to the classic 1982 film about an ex-cop hired to track down and eliminate a group of illegal androids.

Set in 2049, LAPD Officer K – a ‘blade runner’ tasked with killing human-like robots known as ‘replicants’ – unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what's left of society into chaos. K's discovery leads him on a quest to find blade runner Rick Deckard, who has been missing for 30 years. 

Blade Runner 2049

Date registered: 06/10/2017

Classification criteria: Sex

Sexual material is limited. There is a brief scene within a brothel showing indistinct bodies in sexual couplings. K spends a night with a sex worker, but no sex is actually shown.

There is some nudity, although not all of it is sexualised. A giant, hyper-realistic hologram of a naked woman advertises sexual services. Sometimes we see naked, newly-birthed replicants in non-sexual situations, for example curled up on the floor and covered in grease. 

A giant nude hologram woman

Classification criteria: Cruelty and Violence

There are several fight scenes involving punching, kicking, stabbing and other injuries. These scenes are thrilling, presented with impressive visual effects. An eyeball is washed and used as police evidence; a character chokes to death on his own blood; and another character is drowned. There is a massacre in which characters are violently blown up in sprays of body parts and blood. Injuries are not dwelt upon, but impact is provided by sound effects and aggressive stunt work. 

Deckard with a gun

Classification criteria: Offensive language

There is a small amount of coarse language, generally used when characters are frustrated or angry. In the context of the story this language is arguably not highly offensive, and is unlikely to cause serious harm to young viewers, but does indicate an older intended audience. 

Officer K with a bloodied face

Decision summary

Blade Runner 2049 is likely to receive significant critical and commercial attention as a long-awaited sequel to a sci-fi classic, with well-known actors and impressive special effects. It is unlikely to appeal to children given its slow pace and complex storyline, which children would find hard to follow. Children would also likely be shocked and disturbed by the depictions of violence, some of which are cruel and bloody. The sexual material in the film, while restrained, is also unsuitable for children. The story will appeal to fans of science fiction and is suitable for teenagers, who are likely to be more familiar with this level of violence and more capable of understanding the context. Considering these factors, Blade Runner 2049 is classified R13.

R13 label
R13: Violence, offensive language & sexual themes