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Young People Working With Organisations

Posted on 23 May 2019 by Kaya

We asked Kaya, one of our Youth Advisory Panel members, to share her thoughts around the importance of young people working with organisations.

A member of the Youth Advisory Panel speaks to the Classification Office Systems Administrator

Kaya's experience with the Youth Advisory Panel

The OFLC has become a part of my life now, I feel that I am a part of the whānau. As a member of the Youth Advisory Panel, I’ve been given many great opportunities where I can strengthen my knowledge and create connections with important groups in society. Some of these include:

  • Watching unreleased films and contributing to the decision of ratings through discussions with the chief censor and other staff members at the OFLC
  • Meeting with Police, internal affairs and other government organisations/agencies to learn about their roles in society in more depth and have conversations about youth in NZ society.
  • Enjoying rewards where we watch movies and hang as a group of friends
  • Delving into problematic topics related to youth in New Zealand with media and what is happening with the new generation of Aotearoa.

I have a passion for media and films so the Youth Advisory Panel has really been the perfect place for me – a diverse group of individuals working together to improve the experience that young children and teenagers have with media.

Kaya is a member of the OFLC's Youth Advisory Panel. Her views do not necessarily represent those of the Chief Censor or of the Classification Office. Keep up with our blog posts by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

A member of the Youth Advisory Panel speaks to our Communications Manager


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