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Wellbeing in the workplace: Taking care of ourselves

Posted on 17 December 2020 by Erica

Tech crime specialist Colm Gannon from Pathfinder Labs recently dropped by to take our team through a self care session when it comes to working with high impact media. Having worked on combatting digital child exploitation for many years, he has a wealth of knowledge. Our brilliant in-house illustrator Tara captured his words of wisdom in this great infographic.

One of the big projects Colm and his team are currently working on is Katalyst, with ProjectVIC International. They are working as part of the End Violence Against Children global partnership, to develop technology which will directly combat child trafficking in India. With 20% of the worlds’ child population in India, every year (on average) 500K children go missing, with some being trafficked for sexual exploitation. Their goal is to develop technology that is easily available, sustainable for countries and is able to directly increase the capability of the country.

Infographic of Colm's presentation to the Classification Office
Image courtesy of Tara,


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