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Online ‘Nudge’ Techniques to combat CSAM

Posted on 30 November 2020 by Erica

Digital media expert and senior lecturer Dr Claire Henry recently popped in to discuss her latest research using online 'nudge' techniques to steer potential perpetrators away from Child Sexual Abuse Material and towards the help they need. Our talented in-house illustrator Tara captured the wisdom!

You can access her full article “Designing Effective Digital Advertisements to Prevent Online Consumption of Child Sexual Exploitation Material” via two channels:

  • People with access to Journal of Child Sexual Abuse can follow this link to download the article.
  • People without access to the journal can use this link to download one of a limited number of free copies.

Her research has been getting good buzz from government agencies around the world - including in Germany, Norway, and the UK - who are also interested in how this may help their work to prevent child exploitation and abuse. Another of her current research projects involves the examination of recent representations of online child sexual abuse in New Zealand news media, and she’s also developing the promotional strategy and evaluation for Stand Strong, Walk Tall (SSWT launching 2021) - a pilot programme offering a free specialist therapeutic service to adults who experience sexual interest in children.

If you’d like to chat further with her about any of her work, feel free to contact her at:

Infographic of Claire Henry's presentation to the Classification Office
Image courtesy of Tara,


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