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Just a D&M

Posted on 15 October 2020 by Caitlin

Talking about porn is weird right? But we also know it always feel good to talk about what’s on your mind and have open and honest conversations about what you see.

Thinking about this and our work on talking with young people about pornography, we made Just a D&M, a zine that shows two people having an open and honest conversation. The zine highlights things like healthy relationships, body image concerns and feelings of isolation and guilt. 

A wonderful illustrator and mentor, Vincent made our script come alive. Their detailing, fine line drawing, and ability to portray our key messages in such a beautiful and approachable way was really impressive.

Sharing our zine to Zinefest in Wellington last week was a great experience. We were thrilled to be around Wellington’s most creative individuals in a relaxed setting and sharing our zine with the people there.

Check out Just a D&M below. Please get in touch with us if you would like a physical copy!

Title page for Just a D&M
Pages one and two of Just a D&M
Pages three and four of Just a D&M
Pages five and six of Just a D&M
Pages seven and eight of Just a D&M

If you want to see more of Vincent’s work (and to see some drafts of Just a D&M) their Instagram handle is @depressionerror – you won’t be disappointed. We hope we'll have a chance to collaborate again in the future!



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